Tutoring Staff

Meet our tutors! They can assist students in a variety of disciplines, including:

Supplemental Instruction

AllyAlly Lassetter headshot

My name is Ally Lassetter and I am the Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 201) SI leader. I am from Elk Grove, California, and transferred here my freshman year from San Francisco State University. Currently I am a junior academically, majoring in Exercise Science with a focus on Physical Therapy, which I plan to get my doctorate in post undergraduate! I am also on the women’s soccer team here at UIS, feel free to come support! Looking forward to a great year and helping students by providing them all the tools needed for success.

EleniEleni Monroe headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Eleni Monroe and I am the CHE 124 SI Leader this year.  I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio  and I’m currently a junior at UIS studying biochemistry. Some of my hobbies include: reading, snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with friends.  I’m very excited to be the CHE 124 SI Leader as science is such a big part of my life.​


LizaLiza Zavala headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Lizette Zavala but I go by Liza for short! I am the SI leader for ASP 201 Physics this year. My hometown is Bartlett, IL and I am a fourth-year Biology (pre-med) major with two minors in Chemistry and Public Health. I am super involved on campus with being the President of OLAS and HOSA Future Health Professionals, Vice President of WISE, and the Secretary of GPhiO among other things! After I graduate I want to pursue an MD/Ph.D career and travel. For hobbies, I like hiking and writing short stories in my spare time! I am super excited to get started this year!

MattMatt Lapsley headshot

Hello, my name is Matthew and I will be the CHE 267 SI Leader this year. I am from New Hampshire and am a fourth year chemistry major. I am also the chemistry club president and compete on the UIS men’s tennis team. After graduation, I am hoping to either pursue an environmental-based master’s program or begin working in an environmental career. I am looking forward to being an SI leader and helping organic chem students this year!​

MeghanMeghan Kelly headshot

My name is Meghan Kelly and I’m the general chemistry (CHE 141) SI leader.  I’m from Huntley, IL, which is part of the Northwest suburbs.  I am a junior chemistry major with a concentration in the science of the environment and a double minor in Spanish and environmental studies.  I was originally going to study abroad in Spain summer 2020, but COVID so I’m hoping after I graduate I can either visit or move to Spain for a couple of months.  Currently, I’m looking into graduate programs that bridge the gap between chemistry and the environment.  Outside of academics, I love to crochet, draw, paint, and hang out with friends.​


KaitlynKaitlyn Thornhill headshot

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn, and I am an Accounting Peer Tutor at the Learning Hub. I graduated from UIS in May 2020 with my Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy, and I am currently pursuing my MAcc (Master of Accountancy). As you can tell, I am part of the small percentage of people who enjoys “number crunching”!

During my undergrad, I was on the Women’s Tennis Team as well as a member of many organizations around campus. In my free time I love to hike, travel, and work out. My personal goal is to provide the help students need to pursue and succeed in their own degrees and goals.

Quote: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

KallieKallie Matthews headshot

Hi! My name is Kallie Matthews and I am an Accounting tutor for The Learning Hub. I received my associates from Lincoln Land Community College in 2019 and I received two bachelors degrees from UIS in Accounting and Business Administration in May of 2021. I am now a graduate student studying accounting and I am also in the GPSI program. In my free time I spend time with my friends, cat, and play board games.

Computer Science

NoahNoah Houtchens headshot

Hey, I’m Noah. I’m a senior Computer Science and Information Systems Security major. I tutor most CS Courses offered here at UIS. Fun fact, I learned and tutored a new programming language in the same day. If you haven’t guessed by now, computer science makes up 80% of my hobbies. The remaining 20% is longboarding and video games.


EmilyEmily Scudella headshot

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Scudella and I am the tutor for MAT 121 walk-in hours! Here at UIS I am majoring in Accounting and Business Administration with a minor in finance. On campus I am the president of the Women’s Club Volleyball Team so you can find me in TRAC a lot! During my free time I love to grab some Starbucks, play board games with my friends and find good movies on Netflix.

JesusJesus Castillo headshot

Hello everyone! My name is Jesus Castillo, and I am an international student-athlete from Spain. I graduated with a Business & Administration major the past Spring semester, and I am currently enrolled in a Master of Business & Administration with a Certificate on Applied Finance. I am also part of the Men’s Basketball team, and I like to follow other sports as well (I am from Spain, and soccer has the biggest audience over there). There are many other things I like to do during my free time, but I usually watch TV Shows and series of any kind, listen to music (fun fact: I started playing the piano when I was 3), and watch or play video games. I am excited to work with you and help you succeed in class this year!

“Time is often valued when lost, so do not regret on things you would not be able to change. The time is Now.”

MeghanMeghan Vlcek headshot

This year I am the Business Calculus (MAT 113) tutor. My majors are Business Finance and Communication. I’m from Elk Grove, California. After I graduate, I would like to move to either Spain, London, or San Francisco. Outside of work and class, I like to try new workout classes, read, and cook!



AndiAndi Lukert headshot

Hello everyone! My name is Andi Lukert and I am the EXR / BIO 201 tutor for this year. I have lived right outside of Springfield my whole life, but I love to travel and experience new things outside of my comfort zone. My favorite places I have been are Washington DC, the Shawnee National Forest, and Belize! I am currently a Junior in the pre-physical therapy Exercise Science track and very excited to start this new position in my educational career. Can’t wait to see you in person or virtually this semester!

NehaNeha Mokhasi headshot

Hi! My name is Neha Mokhasi and I am a science peer tutor from Pune, India. I am a senior majoring in biochemistry and am part of the UIS women’s tennis team. After my undergraduate degree, I plan on going to graduate school to study neuroscience or biochemistry. My hobbies include reading, running, traveling (hopefully we’ll be able to do that soon) and spending time with my friends. I am super excited to help students achieve their academic goals this year!


BrightonBrighton Robbins headshot


My name is Brighton Robbins and I am a masters student in the Political Science program. After completion of my B.S. in Criminal Justice at Lincoln College, I decided to further my educational career here at UIS! For the longest time I have found writing to be one of the greatest tools we possess, and being able to help students with their writing is something that I love doing. During my free time I love to read, and I love books from just about every genre (but my all-time favorite is Harry Potter of course).

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” Louis L’Amour

KateKate Dumstorff headshot

Hello! My name is Kate, and I’m a Writing TA at The Learning Hub. I’m in the final year of pursuing my Master’s in Communication with an emphasis in media studies, and I’ve been involved with UIS for quite a few years now. As an undergraduate student I received a Bachelor’s in English with a Minor in Communication, I was an athlete on the women’s tennis team, a poetry editor for our school’s literary journal, and I’ve worked in the athletic department both as an assistant to the athletic director for strategic planning and finance and as the assistant tennis coach. I’ve also recently started a remote internship as a staff writer for a luxury travel magazine based in the UK.

In my free time, I’m most likely engaged in some sort of outdoor activity, catching up with friends, or drinking coffee at a cafe while working *subtle cough, reading. Another passion of mine is traveling to new cities and meeting the people there! I also work at Wm Van’s Coffee House most weekends, so if it isn’t already obvious, I’m a bit of a coffee addict. I plan to pursue a career in the editing or public relations field after graduating, and in the meantime, I look forward to working with students to further their writing skills and overall academic success!

KristinKristin Cullen headshot

Hello everyone! My name is Kristin Cullen. I am a Writing Peer Educator here at The Learning Hub and this is my final year at UIS as an English Major. I hope to go on to work in the Publishing field, so I am excited to get to work as a tutor to dip my toes into peer editing. I love reading and writing, and talking about reading and writing, so I can’t wait to see you in our office! If I’m not reading or writing for my classes, then you can usually find me reading a fantasy or science-fiction book. I do occasionally look up from texts and rejoin the “real world” to take care of my two animals, a jerk of a cat named Parker and an older dog named Clyde, or working weekends at my other job!

“What better way to get to know someone than through her choice and treatment of books?” – Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale.

ReginaRegina Ivy headshot

Here’s to another year at UIS! I am thrilled to be starting my second year of tutoring here at The Learning Hub. I am majoring in education and English is what I hope to teach. It makes me extremely happy to see that I have been able to help many students over the past year, and I am looking forward to helping more! As excited as I am to see another semester at UIS, I am more determined to make it better than the last!

Academic/Study Skills

EdEd Rose headshot

Hey everyone my name is Edward Rose and I am the Academic Skills Tutor here in The Hub. I graduated from UIS with my Bachelors in Philosophy, and decided to carry on to pursue my graduate degree in Communication. I am an international student from England. Back as a freshman I came to UIS to play soccer, I had an incredible 4 years playing for UIS, and was lucky enough to captain the team my Junior and Senior year. As well as working as a tutor in The Hub I am an assistant coach for UIS Women’s Soccer. ​I love being able to help people and pass on my knowledge of school and sports!

“If you train badly, you play badly. If you work like a beast in training, you play the same way!” – Pep Guardiola

Front Desk Staff

AutumnAutumn Harris headshot

Hello Everyone! My name is Autumn Harris and I am the Front Desk Worker for The Learning Hub. I was born and raised in Chicago, so Springfield has been a change. I recently just graduated this past May with my B.A. in Psychology. I am now here in Graduate school for the Human Development Counseling Program. An interesting fact about me is that I am a pescatarian, meaning I only eat fish.