Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does it cost for an appointment at The Hub?
    It’s free! All the services at The Hub are free to current students at UIS.
  2. Where’s The Hub located?
    The Learning Hub is located in Brookens 460. The Brookens building is the library. The Learning Hub is on the fourth floor, on the classroom side of the building.
  3. What should I bring to my appointment?
    You should bring your class notes and class textbook, and writing implements and scratch paper (if needed). Additionally, writing tutors request that you leave your paper with them at least an hour before your appointment so that they may review your work before meeting with you, as well as provide assignment prompts or guidelines and let us know what style you are using (MLA/APA/Chicago/etc.). Non-writing tutors request that you provide the assignment and a copy of the class notes if the instructor doesn’t use a book, or chapter and section numbers if the instructor does use a book, so that they may review your work before meeting with you.
  4. How do I make an appointment?
    See our page about making appointments for more information, but appointments can be made by calling (217) 206-6503, emailing, stopping by BRK 460 at our front desk, or completing our online form.
  5. How many hours per week can I meet with a tutor?
    You are allotted a total of two, one-hour appointments per week, per class for Math appointments. For all other disciplines (writing, accounting, economics, computer science, science, academic skills), you are allotted a total of one, one-hour appointment per week, per class. Please see our Appointment Policy for more information.
  6. Can I request a specific tutor?
    Yes, but tutors are available on a first come, first serve basis per time slot.

Faculty & Staff

1. What does The Learning Hub provide?

The Hub offers many services to students, faculty and staff, including:

  • supplemental instruction for specific courses
  • one-to-one tutoring
    • on ground
    • online
  • academic workshops for your students
    • in the classroom per faculty request
    • topics series (Writing, Academic Skills)


    2. How does The Learning Hub provide assistance to online courses?
    The Hub provides one-to-one online tutoring for all subjects we tutor using online meeting software. If necessary, email appointments are available for writing assignments. The Learning Hub also offers online workshops on writing topics using the same online meeting software. Also, our online tutorials on writing topics provide students with helpful resources to review on their own.