Placement Testing

Placement Testing Services

If you have been admitted to UIS and do not have a standardized test score, you will need to take the Math and English placement test.

Students entering UIS with a standardized test score may need to take placement exams prior to registering for their first courses.  In order to determine whether or not you are required to take placement exams, please see below under your major to determine if your ACT or SAT score is high enough to exempt you from placement exams.  If you are unsure whether or not you need to take placement tests, please contact the Center for Academic Success at 217-206-7471 or email

The Office of Testing Services in HRB 112 administers the ACCUPLACER Math & Reading Placement Exams.  These exams may be taken in person or remotely. ACCUPLACER exams provide a more in-depth assessment of students’ skills and help college administrators and advisors determine the most appropriate class placement for their new students.

Need to schedule a Placement Exam? 

  1. Email to request an appointment between Monday and Friday,  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please indicate whether you prefer to take the tests in person (UIS campus in the Testing Center) or online with a proctor using Zoom.  Please note if you choose to take the placement test in person you will need to schedule that on a different day than your orientation day.
  2. If you are taking the exams online, you will receive another email with your Zoom Test Appointment confirmation and the Zoom link.  Please set a reminder on your phone so you do not miss the Zoom call.
  3. After your test, you will see your scores. Your academic advisor will also be able to see your scores and will use them to help you register for the appropriate courses.

Take some sample tests to familiarize yourself with Accuplacer:

Spring 2021 Operating Hours


Day Open Close
Monday 8:30 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday 8:30 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday 8:30 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
Thursday 8:30 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m.
Please email to make an appointment.
You may walk-in for testing; however, a desk or proctor may not be available.
We will accommodate you, if possible.
Please do not make a special trip to campus without an appointment.
PHOTO ID: You must present a current photo ID (UIS iCard, state issued driver’s license, state issued ID, military ID, FOID card, or passport) to be allowed to test.

Math Placement Testing

Students entering UIS with fewer than 30 credit hours are required to complete two (2) UIS college-level math courses to meet the General Education math requirement. In some cases, your general education math courses are determined by your major because some majors require specific math classes as pre-requisites to the major course of study. For example, Calculus is required for Computer Science, Math, and some science majors.

The math courses you take are governed by the placement system utilized by the Math Department at UIS. Two outcomes are possible: 1) placement into a college-level math course appropriate for your skills and your intended major; or 2) placement into a developmental math course to build your skills for future success in a UIS college-level math class. All math placements are made with your success in mind.

The Math Department at UIS uses a combination of ACT/SAT Math sub scores, ACCUPLACER Math Placement Test scores, prior college-level math credit, and the intended major to determine for which math classes you are eligible to register. Based on this information, you may be placed in a college-level math course appropriate for your major or a developmental math course to further prepare you for college-level math. If you do not have prior college-level math credit, use the table below to determine if you are required to take the ACCUPLACER Math Placement Test.

Your Anticipated Major Required to Test
with ACT math
sub score of
Required to Test
with SAT Math
score of
Biology, Clinical Laboratory Science, Communications, Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Studies, Exercise Science (Health & Wellness), Global Studies, History, Legal Studies, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Policy, Social Work, Sociology/Anthropology, Visual Arts 23 and below 560 and below
Accounting, Business Administration (Comprehensive, Management Concentration, Marketing Concentration, Finance Concentration, Sport Management Concentration), Computer Science, Economics, Information Systems Security, Management, Management Information Systems, or anyone wishing to take Business Calculus 25 and below 590 and below
Biochemistry, Chemistry, Exercise Science (PA/PT), Mathematics, Pre-Med Biology, Pre-Med Clinical Laboratory Science, or anyone planning to take Calculus 27 and below 640 and below

Transfer students who have not already completed general education math courses, and whose ACT math subscore is 22 or below (24 or below for business and computer science majors, 26 or below for math and science majors) are also required to take the ACCUPLACER math placement exam.

Prior to taking the placement exam(s), you are encouraged to review the sample practice questions in college level math and elementary algebra or in reading/writing.  It is best to complete placement testing exams prior to meeting with your advisor to register for classes.

Reading/Writing Placement Testing

New entering students who have not already completed the equivalent of English Composition may be required to take a Reading/Writing placement exam. Placement is determined by the ACT/SAT sub-scores in English & Reading. Use the chart below to determine if you must take the ACCUPLACER Reading Placement exam.

Test Section Required to Test
with ACT
Sub Score of
Required to Test
with SAT (old)
Sub Score of
Required to Test
with SAT (new)
Sub Score of
English 20 and below Below 500 27 and below
Reading 20 and below Below 500 27 and below


Foreign Language Placement Testing

Foreign Language Placement Testing is not done in Testing Services.

Please contact the Modern Languages department to make arrangements for foreign language proficiency testing in Spanish.  In your email include information about the number of years you have studied the language and where (high school/college); have you studied abroad, were you raised in a Spanish-speaking home?  This will help place you in Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced classes.

Students can test for proficiency in any foreign language.  There is a $20 fee that must be paid before taking the tests which will be scheduled on selected dates throughout the school year.  It might be possible to test by a remote proctored test, but there is an additional fee.  You will be sent an email with directions.

Academic Integrity Agreement

When taking any type of exam at UIS Testing Services, you agree to the following:

  1. Respect other exam takers’ needs for quiet and concentration;
  2. Leave unneeded clothing and other items in coordinator’s office while testing;
  3. Leave electronic devices in coordinator’s office, including, but not limited to, cell phone, smart watch, computer, laptop;
  4. Only use notes, textbooks, scratch paper, Internet, or calculators when allowed by your course instructor;
  5. Refrain from academic dishonesty before, during, and after testing; and,
  6. Follow all instructions given to you by Testing Services staff.