Study Abroad Program to England

Interested in history, social justice, religion in England?

UIS will be offering a course that will include a 12 day program in England.  The 12 day program will be take place between the summer and fall academic terms.  We will be using the University of Hull, one of our partners, as our base and will be exploring themes related to The Abolition of Slavery in the British Empire, Legal and Illegal Immigration, Contemporary Human Trafficking, and the Pilgrim emigration to the Americas.

Sounds ambitious but it will be very doable given our location.  We will visit several of the sites near Hull from which the Pilgrims started their journey to the New World.  We’ll visit York where Romans and Vikings ruled and the English fought each other during their civil war.  We’ll head up to Whitby where the first work in the English language was written along with Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The Hogwarts Express train also runs from Whitby to Pickering, a nearby town.  And, Whitby claims to have the best fish and chips on the Isle.  In Hull we will study the history of slavery in the British Empire and its eventual abolition by Hull’s native son, William Wilberforce. We will also look into the port of Hull’s history in the immigration of Europeans to the USA.

Click here for the tentative itinerary.

For incoming first year students your studies will continue into the fall semester where we will follow up on the experiences we’ve had with a more in depth examination of the themes of the travel portion of the program.

For current students your studies will begin in the summer of 2020 with an on line course to prepare for the travel study program to England in August.

We are estimating that the out of pocket expense of the program will be $3,000.  That will include the international airfare, all travel in England, entrance fees, lodging and about half of the meals.  This fee will need to be paid prior to the program’s departure.

The program fee does not include the cost of tuition for the 3 credit course associated with the travel. The tuition charge will be added to the fall billing statement for incoming first year students and to the summer billing statement of current students.

Application Procedure

The initial step in applying for the program is to fill out the Global Experience Application form

When filling out the form you will indicate that you are a UIS student applying to a UIS program.  Further down where it asks you to put down the program that you are interested in you will enter “Program to England”.  You do not need to fill in any of the information that follows regarding cost, location, etc.

Towards the end of the application you will find a space for an essay/personal statement.  Here we are looking for a brief statement of your interest in studying abroad, any experience you have already had with travel abroad and how study abroad fits into your university, personal and long range goals.  This does not have to be more than a page so don’t worry about providing a lot of detail.

Questions about the program can be directed to Jonathan GoldbergBelle, Director of Study Away Programs, who will be one of the staff members from UIS leading the program and teaching the associated courses.  He can be reached at or 217 206 8319.