Internships: Points of Pride

Spring 2014 student employment!

Here are a few students who gained employment during or after their Spring 2014 Internships:

  • Ryan Trojanowski was hired FT by the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office to join their legislative team
  • Richard Rockwood was hired FT by the Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
  • Brittany Mullane took advantage of the skills she learned in the internship course and gained employment: “At the beginning of the semester I stuck my nose up at the seminars, thinking that they would contribute nothing useful as far as my AST (internship) project.  But I am happy to say that I utilized the interview practice, created a cover letter and a great resume through Optimal, utilized all of the interview tips from Seminar 1, and WAS HIRED, after 4 years of not working and the very first interview I have had in over 5 years!”  Brittany was hired as a classroom and field instructor for a driver’s education school in Washington state.  She desires a future career in higher education and this position will be a helpful stepping stone.

Students supporting Internship Services (formerly AST) in the media: