University of Colima on Line Course Syllabi – Fall 2013

The University of Colima, an exchange partner of UIS in Mexico, will be offering two courses this fall on Latin American Politics as part of our on line exchange program with them.

1.- Migración Mexicana hacia los Estados Unidos (Mexican Migration to the USA)., Teacher Dra. Adriana Cruz Manjarrez (
Objective: This course examines the migration from Mexico to the United States from a historical perspective with the economic and social causes of migration and discusses some of the consequences or results of the migration.

2.- La Nueva Agenda Internacional (The new International Agenda). Dr. Aleksandro Palomo Garrido ( .
Objective: Analysis of the issues that have been integrated into the global agenda of the UN and the World Social Forum. The student will identify global issues that most interest and know the implications and repercussions that reached in the global society.

Students interested in one or both should contact the Office of International Programs for further details.