The Portfolio documents significant learning experiences throughout the student’s life and provides detailed analysis of some of those experiences.

The Portfolio includes:

  • a Chronological Learning Record – A list of 20-25 adult learning experiences that discusses what you did and what you learned.
  • an Autobiographical Essay – A 5-7 page memoir of your life, focused on who you are as a “learner.”
  • an Educational Goals Statement – A 1-2 page statement of what your current, short-term, and long-term goals are for your education (what you wish to achieve and how you wish to use it).
  • a Narrative Essay – A 12-15 page essay about a significant learning experience from your life. You will be expected to discuss the experience in terms of whether it provided college-level learning and analyze it within the context of defined educational goals. Students analyze their learning through the perspective of the following six goal areas:
    • Career Education
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Engaged Citizenship (Students who seek to use IPL 305/501 to satisfy their ECCE Engagement requirement MUST address Engaged Citizenship as one of their three goal areas.)
    • Personal Growth
    • Self-Directed and Lifelong Learning Skills
    • Theory/Practice

Documentation – A form of third party documentation that provides evidence for the experience you cite. This can be documentation from the time or a letter of confirmation from your workplace (or wherever your experience occurred).