Application Procedures

  • On-line Application
  • gep-application-generic
  • 1) Schedule an appointment to meet with the Director of the Office of International Programs to review your proposed study abroad program and to go over the application procedures.
  • 2) Schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to review your progress towards your degree and your proposed study abroad program.  If you are interested in having coursework transfer to your major you will need to have your department review your proposed courses.
  • 3) Fill out the Global Experience Program application. 
  • 4) Arrange to have an official transcript of your college/university course work sent to the Office of International Programs.
  • 5) Obtain two Letters of Recommendation gep application. (DOC)
  • 6) Upon acceptance you will be asked to fill out and sign three additional forms:
    • a) acknowledgment-of-risks
    • b) A Financial Agreement Specific to the program for which you are applying if you are applying for a UIS short term program.
    • c) gep-signature-form
      • 1. academic advisor,
      • 2. director of financial assistance (if you are applying for aid),
      • 3. the Dean of Students or proxy,
      • 4. and self
  • 7) If you are applying for a non-UIS program you will also need to submit the application for that program. This will be forwarded to the program by the office of International Programs along with your transcript, relevant letters of recommendation and an official letter from the Office on International Programs certifying that you have been approved to study abroad on that program
  • Application Deadlines Global Experience Travel Scholarship Deadline Feb. 7th for all summer, fall and spring programs.  GEP application must be turned in to the Office of International Programs by Feb. 7th in order to be eligible for the travel scholarships.
  • Summer programs – March 1st
  • Fall programs
    ISEP priority deadline Feb. 7th – UIS exchange programs March 1st
    All other programs March 1st
  • Spring Programs
    ISEP priority deadline Sept. 1 – UIS exchange programs October 1st
    All other programs October 1st