• Academic support: The Learning Hub is a great resource! Students are encouraged to visit The Learning Hub for help with any class offered at UIS. The Learning Hub has study guides for a variety of subjects and standardized tests for on-site use. You can schedule one-to-one appointments or get help through email. See resources for multilingual writers.
  • The Recreation and Athletic Center (TRAC)Recreational & entertainment: Students have full access to the Athletics & Recreation Center (TRAC).

UIS also puts on plays and hosts a film series and several lecture series featuring visiting scholars. Check out the activities available to students on the Student Life page.

  • Student Union: The social heart of campus for students. In this signature building, so full of light and activity, students interact with each other and with faculty, staff, and visitors, creating a vibrant and thriving focal point for life at UIS. Learn more!
  • Off-campus exploring: There is much to do in Illinois (and Missouri)! Experience Springfield, or go further!