Exit Exam: Written Section


On test day, you will be given a prompt which asks you to tell a story about a specific topic or event and explain its meaning in your life. You are writing to an audience of your peers. Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words.


  • Give yourself time to brainstorm, write, and revise.
  • Pay attention to organization. There are two obvious choices
    • The introduction, body, conclusion structure. Because what you learned from the event is the real point of the essay, the story is the evidence.
    • The summary – response structure. Here, you tell your story first and then explain what it means.

Technical Instructions

You will have up to two hours to complete this exam. You can use all the functions of Microsoft Word, but not the internet or any outside sources. You can use scrap paper or a MS Word document to brainstorm.


Download the written portion rubric (PDF)