Exit Exam: Oral Section


The oral section will begin with a short interview. This interview will not be graded, but is a chance for you and the examiner(s) to get acquainted. After the interview, you will give an informative presentation. This is the only part that will be graded. You must deliver the speech standing in the front of the room. You will not be expected to answer any questions afterward.

Informative Presentation

An informative speech attempts to inform the audience through imparting knowledge, facilitating understanding or demonstrating how to do something. Students will select speeches that were previously given in their LNG course. Students completing LNG 092 will select their informative speech. Students completing LNG 101 will select their research project.


  • Your speech must be 7-12 minutes.
  • You are required to cite at least 2 sources within the speech. Bring a typed Works Cited/Reference list to the exam.

Presentation Aides

  • You may use 3×5 note cards while delivering the speech.
  • You may include a PowerPoint, but points will not be added or deducted because of it.


  • Remember to dress appropriately for the speaking situation. Your appearance is a reflection of your credibility and to be taken seriously, you must dress seriously. Hats are not recommended.
  • Pay close attention to improving your overall delivery in terms of body language; pronunciation, stress, and rhythm; and organization of your ideas. Because you will have already given this speech at least once in your LNG class, you have plenty of time to practice and revise it.


Download the rubric (PDF)