English Proficiency Exam

This exam is available for conditionally admitted international undergraduates; IEP students in levels 5 and 6; and other possible candidates.  Passing this exam means a student has met the UIS English proficiency requirements for international undergraduates or graduates.

The English Proficiency Exam

The test offered at UIS is the iTEP Academic Plus.

There are five (5) sections on the test – Listening, Reading, Grammar, Writing, and Speaking.  The test is completed entirely on computer.  Scores are then sent to the department within 2 business days.  The test takes approximately 2 hours.

Note: The exam may only be taken 2 times within 30 days.


How to schedule an Exit Exam

The IEP offers the iTEP Exam each spring and fall semester (usually in weeks 13-15).

The test is scheduled on Friday afternoons when no other IEP classes are in session.

Tests taken at other times need to be scheduled through the UIS Testing Services Office.



Scoring is done by iTEP trained officials.  When a student completes the test, it is submitted directly to iTEP.  Within 2 business days, iTEP sends the score to the IEP office. The IEP office will then send the official score of the student to the UIS Admissions office to determine if the student is eligible for conditional or full admission.


How to Prepare

For currently enrolled IEP students, attending class every day is one of the best ways to prepare for the iTEP test.  Each class every week has 1 day dedicated to preparation work for the iTEP test.  Remember the test is checking to see what skills a student has. The skills can be learned, practiced, and improved by attending class and using English regularly.

In addition, use English as much as possible away from the classroom – listen to news stories on the internet or radio, read widely and frequently, write short essays and/or letters to friends, and find opportunities to talk in English. All of these things will also help you when you begin classes. On the night before the exam, try to get a good night’s sleep.

iTEP offers a preparation guide that can be purchased on line.



All questions about the Exit Exam should be directed to the Intensive English Program office.