Exit Exam

The ESL Exit Exam consists of two sections, a written and an oral. They do not need to be completed on the same day. Test dates will be determined by the ESL Coordinator and advertised to those eligible to take the exam. All test-takers will complete the written section together, but may be scheduled on different days for the oral sections.

Two Sections

  • Written: You will write a 500-word minimum narrative essay. You will be allotted two hours to complete this test. It will be conducted in a UIS computer lab. This section will be scored by English faculty.
  • Oral: You will give a 7-12 minute informative presentation to a small audience of one to three examiner(s). You will not write a new speech, but use the informative speech from your LNG course. This section will be scored by Communication faculty.


You must pass both sections in order to pass the exam. Exams are graded on a Pass/Fail scale where a C (73%) and above is passing and a C- (72%) and below is failing.

The ESL Program will schedule and proctor the exam, but will not grade it. Faculty from the English department will grade the written portion and faculty from the Communication department will grade the Oral. The ESL Program will notify you of your score within two weeks of the exam. Results are final.

Eligibility and Registration

Only students who have been conditionally accepted to the Undergraduate Program may take the Exit Exam. The Exit Exam may only be taken once per semester for a maximum of two times. To register or for questions, please contact the ESL Program Office.