Admission Requirements

Admission to ESL Classes & ISPEL

ESL classes are open to all multilingual and non-native English speakers, including pre- and non-degree seekers, undergraduate students, graduate students.

Students must have an intermediate knowledge of English. This may be demonstrated by high school, undergraduate, intensive English program transcripts and/or exam scores.

Students and faculty

Admission to Degree Programs

  • Conditional Admission: Undergraduate students may be admitted conditionally to UIS’ undergraduate program. Conditionally admitted students are required to enroll in ESL courses either before or concurrent with their enrollment in a degree program.
  • Full Admission: Degree-seeking students must meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements. Students who do not meet this requirement are encouraged to attend ISPEL or attend ESL classes to improve their English competence.

Admission to Individual Classes (Non-Degree)

Please download a guide to non-degree enrollment.