How to register

1.  Go to any UIS webpage with the blue menu bar, click on “Quick Links”, and then click on “Self Service (Enterprise)”.  Log in using your NetID and password.

2.  Click on “Registration and Records”

3. Click on “Registration”

4.  Click on “Add/Drop Classes”

5.  Review the Registration Agreement and click “I agree with the above statement”.  Then, select the appropriate term.

6.  Identify the 5-digit course reference numbers (CRN) for the classes you want to enroll in.  You will find the CRN in the schedule entry for every course.

7.  Enter the CRN for each course in the fields of the Add/Drop Classes screen, and then click “Submit Changes”

8.  Once the page refreshes, you should see your schedule presented on the screen.  If a course is missing, there will be an error message – send this error message to advisor so they can help you resolve the problem.

There is a drop-down menu under the “Action” heading for each course.  Use this menu if you want to drop a course from your schedule – select the option from the menu and click “Submit Changes”.

Notice there is also a Grade Mode for each course.  UIS has two grade modes:

  • Standard Letter is what you might expect.  You will receive an A, B, C, D, or F.  Plusses and minuses are an option as well.
  • Credit/No Credit does not result in a grade.  Instead, if your work in the course is worth a C or higher, you earn credit hours toward graduation; if your work in the course is worth C- or lower, you earn no credit for the course.  Credit/No Credit courses are not included in your GPA, no matter the outcome.