UIS Programs: Empire and Faith of Rome

Empire and Faith of Rome – May/June 2013

Coliseum of Rome

Rome is known as the “Eternal City” because of its origins as the capital of a Mediterranean Empire that controlled the region for nearly one thousand years. Today, as a city of nearly three million people, Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world. Tracing its origins back to the legendary founding of the city upon seven hills in the eighth century BC by Romulus, Rome became the capital for the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire, the medieval Papacy, the Papal States, and the modern Italian republic.

Rome is attractive to people for a number of reasons. The city was one the greatest empires of the ancient world, as well as the fact that it was the seat of western Christendom and a center of Renaissance art and architecture. In short, any student can find something of interest in Rome from nearly any period in history. From the ruins of the Roman forum and Colosseum, to the early Christian catacombs and churches, to the Renaissance buildings and art, Rome continues to enthrall its millions of visitors each year. To study Rome on this trip is to enter the past, and engage with the materials and ideas that made Rome the center of empire and faith.

On this epic and breathtaking odyssey to Rome, we will undertake the challenges (modest by ancient standards) of uncovering the many layers of Roman history. Our travels will also include day trips ranging from the rural villas of the elite in Tivoli, to the first-century streets of Ostia Antica, to the preserved remains of Pompeii, to the magnificent art and beauty of Florence.

Students will fly from Chicago to Rome and stay at the Casa La Salle in Rome for thirteen nights, with breakfast included each day. During the course of our stay, we will have opportunities to hear lectures at the Casa La Salle, give student presentations at historical sites, sample the local cuisine, and takes several day trips. This course will count for ECCE Engagement Experience or it can be used for ECCE Global Awareness through petition.

For a complete information packet including a detailed daily itinerary contact Dr. David Bertaina: dbert3@uis.edu