Creativity, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset

UIS Global Experience Seminar

Creativity, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset

(Experience in Taiwan)

Summer 2016           3 Credit Hours


This study abroad course provides an opportunity for UIS students to interact and work with students at our partner university, Ming-Chi University of Technology (MCUT) in New Taipei City. Students will attend seminars, hands-on creativity exercises, lectures, visits to Taiwanese businesses and cultural tours throughout Taiwan. The topics covered in this course focus on building creativity utilizing the design-thinking process and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Design thinking is a catalyst that facilitates the transformation of creative ideas into innovations, realistic products, services, or even business models. The workshops and seminars focus on the process of converting innovative ideas into business models. The business visits provide an exposure to students to business processes in a foreign country including large conglomerate companies, small design centric businesses, Taipei Guan-Hwa IT and Electronic Market, and Museums. The cultural visits explore the rich historic traditions of Taiwan and the dynamic energy of Taipei city.

The main location for this program is on the campus of Ming-Chi University of Technology (MCUT), a sister school of UIS in Taiwan. The College of Management and Design will host the workshops and seminars. The hosting college has state of the art facilities, such as green screen movie studio, multimedia production studio, 3D-printing labs, and fully equipped machine shop. It has the ability to realize product idea into prototypical products on campus. A small business incubation center is also housed at the same building with the college. At this location, students can experience the complete process from innovation to business model.

Geographically, MCUT is located at Taishan County, New Taipei City, Taiwan. MCUT will provide student dormitory at affordable cost to host students during the two weeks stay in Taiwan. This location is within the service range of Taipei’s metropolitan transportation system called MRT. Most major attractions of Taipei city are within 1-hour train ride.


The estimated cost of the program is $2500. This includes international and local travel, lodging, entrance fees and some meals. It does not include UIS tuition and mandatory university fees.