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Why UIS Navigate? What’s the benefit?

UIS Navigate is a mobile advisor that takes you from orientation to graduation. The app is FREE and helps you choose the right major, stay on top of requirements from financial aid to course registration, and meet important dates and deadlines—all in the palm of your hand.

It’s the ultimate guide to building a path to graduation—and staying on that path.


Never miss a deadline: Use the technology to keep on top of deadlines and events. There is a clear timeline of what you need to do, and when. You can also add your own life appointments, including work, family, and “do not forget” milestones, like birthdays.

Schedule with your Advisor – Faster: UIS Navigate lets you see your advisor’s availability so you can schedule your appointment on the spot!

Connect to help on campus: There are links for everything academic – library databases, faculty emails, scholarship applications, financial aid deadlines, and more.

Discover Your Career Path: The Major Exploration tool in UIS Navigate connects your interests and goals to the right major – fill out a short survey and see which programs and careers match!

Get the Most Out of College: Get handy tips and tutorials on everything from finding internships to paying for college.

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Why should I download one more app on my phone?
Think of it as a personal advisor in your pocket that will help you thrive at UIS. This is where you can schedule appointments and keep track of important deadlines. You can explore majors. You can see where you are in progressing toward graduation. This is even where your professors can send you a message that class has been cancelled. Trust us, you will want this app on your phone.

How will I know how to use it?
You will get step by step guidance on how to download the app and how to use it when you arrive for Orientation (New Freshmen and transfers) or return in the Fall for Welcome Week (current students). It’s so important to making sure you have a great experience at UIS and graduate on time, that we will spend whatever time it takes to help you get started.

Can this app help me choose a major?
Yes, and it can be an important piece of your decision-making process. UIS Navigate can match your interests and career goals with the right major, and then help you explore career options for each major. There is even a survey that can help you find the right match.

Can I connect with professors on this app?
Yes, and they can connect with you. This is how you find out if class has been moved, or get a reminder of an assignment due date, or even an invitation to apply for a great internship. UIS Navigate is how you will see if Faculty mentors are available to meet with you. Slot yourself in and forget all the back and forth emails. Ditto with your academic advisor.