Early Alert System

The Early Alert System (EAS) is an intervention plan designed to identify students experiencing academic difficulties or other hindrances to academic success, and connect them with resources to help overcome these challenges. Through this system, faculty and other academic support staff (GAs, TAs, Peer Advisors) refer the student to the EAS advisors. The student meets with the EAS advisor, and together they explore the nature of the problem, and strategize interventions to help the student achieve satisfactory academic performance.

Ideally, an instructor will refer a student to the EAS advisor as early as possible in the semester so that appropriate interventions can be implemented. When students are referred, they are expected to meet in person with the EAS advisor and follow through with the intervention plan. Referring instructors are contacted again shortly after mid-semester for a follow up report on the student’s progress. Students referred to the EAS advisor who receive academic advising in their major program will also be referred to the faculty advisor for assistance.