General Education Curriculum

The UIS General Education Curriculum offers an array of courses that help students gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in any of our 24 undergraduate majors and in life beyond college. The program aims to insure that students gain basic skills and knowledge for life-long learning, and become engaged citizens in a fast-changing world.

Courses in the curriculum are divided into two categories.

  • 40 credit hours of lower division requirements in written communication, oral communication, science, math, humanities and social sciences. These courses provide a foundation of knowledge and skills that are crucial for a broad liberal arts education.
  • 10 credit hours in the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) courses designed to help students become aware of their roles in a complex, interdependent set of communities. ECCE categories promote national, global, and cultural awareness and provide socially responsible opportunities for engagement experiences.

Visit General Education Requirements for more information about the courses and requirements.