UIS Early Alert and Student Success powered by Starfish

Starfish® is a retention solution software package that alerts students and advisors when classroom performance begins to slip and threaten academic success, and allows students to connect with faculty, advisors, and other support resources on campus to explore and maximize their options for success. The software provides students and advisors a convenient portal to monitor progress toward academic goals. If you have additional questions after exploring the site, send your questions to studentsuccess@uis.edu.

Starfish EARLY ALERT is a tracking and support system that is used at UIS to provide a holistic approach to support student success and retention. Starfish® is connected to Blackboard and can be accessed by clicking on the Starfish link in the Tools menu on the Blackboard homepage or through this standalone link. In order to keep students informed of academic progress and ensure student success, “flags” can be raised by instructors to let a student know that he or she may need additional support in the class. After consulting with the instructor about the specific concerns, students then connect with their advisor and other appropriate resources and individuals who can assist them. In addition, instructors can also make referrals for tutoring or other personal concerns, or raise “kudos” to congratulate students on their successes. Starfish flags, referrals, and kudos are only accessible to the instructors or support professionals who raise them, the student, and the student’s advisor.

Starfish CONNECT provides an easy and efficient way to make appointments through preset office hours to ensure an environment that allows students, faculty, and advisors to stay connected. Once logged into Starfish®, students make appointments with instructors through links provided in the Course I’m Taking channel. Students connect with advisors and support professionals, by accessing the appropriate Service in the Support Network channel, and then locate the individual’s linked name to view available appointment times. Advisors, instructors, and other support professionals can easily establish office hours and links to other communication methods such as Skype or Lynx. All Starfish users can send email through Starfish that works directly with campus Outlook and Webmail.

Starfish ADVISOR provides easy, yet secure access to information in the student’s academic profile that helps advisors and advisees keep track of the student’s academic progress. Academic plans, degree audits (DARS), risk and retention indicators, courses, progress in courses, and other documents are only visible to the Academic Advisor and Advisee. Ready access to this information through Starfish® makes valuable use of the advising time and provides tools that enable academic success.