College and Major Advisors

OASIS advisors advise students with less than 30 credit hours or who are undecided. Once you reach 30 credit hours, you will be transitioned to a college and/or faculty advisor in your major.

Below is a list of college and faculty advisors at UIS. If you are unsure of who your assigned advisor is, please contact us.

College of Business and Management (CBM)

  • Erin Sotelo, Undergraduate Academic Advisor | 217-206-6782 | UHB 4011
    Advises ACC, BBA, ECO, MIS, MGT, MKT, SPM majors

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) 

  • Michelle Kenny, Undergraduate Academic Advisor for Humanities | 217-206-8616 | UHB 3058
    Advises ENG, HIS, PHI majors
  • Andy Egizi, Undergraduate Academic Advisor for Social Sciences | 217-206-7456 | UHB 3045
    Advises AMT, COM, LIS majors
  • Robin Vansacik, Undergraduate Academic Advisor | 217-206-6573 | UHB 3011
    Advises PSY majors
  • D. Craig McFarland, Undergraduate Academic Advisor | 217-206-8224 | UHB 3043
    Advises BIO, CHE, CLS, EXR, SOA majors

Faculty Advisors:

College of Public Affairs and Administration (CPAA) 

  • Jaimie Newby, Undergraduate Academic Advisor | 217-206-8386 | PAC 480

Faculty Advisors:

College of Education and Human Services (CEHS)

  • Heather Nielsen, Academic Advisor for Teacher Education | 217-206-6934 | BRK 310
    Advises TEP majors

Faculty Advisors: