CDC Services


The Career Development Center offers a wide variety of services. The following are particularly relevant as you complete the Self Reflection section of GOALS.



Career Counseling

  • Career counseling services are available either face-to-face or online through distance secured methods
  • Licensed Professional Counselors assist individuals and groups with the decision-making process and the development of career action plans as it relates to life and career directions
  • Career counselors tailor services according to your individual needs in order to clarify life/career aspirations.
  • Learn more about Career Counseling.

Career Assessments

  • Career assessment will assist in identifying your career attributes and help target compatible careers of interests
  • Licensed Professional Counselors and counseling interns can administer and interpret a variety of career assessments for a fee
  • Take the free FOCUS self-assessments (online career planning system) to begin reflecting on you and your career
    -CDC encourages students and alumni to consult with a career counselor about interpretation to clarify results
  • Learn more about Career Assessments.

Graduate School Preparation

  • Understanding how to make informed decisions about whether or not to attend graduate school is imperative
  • The Career Development Staff can assist you in exploring the option to attend graduate school
  • Just thinking about graduate school? Start with Options to Explore for Graduate School” of GOALS to get started
  • Know the Graduate Programs wanting to pursue?  Go to “Launch to Grad School”  for application strategies

Career Development Center Resource Library

  • CDC Resource Library is comprised of up-to-date books, videos, handouts, worksheets, company literature, internship sources, computer kiosks, and career information files available during regular office hours
  •  View a listing of all library resources (Excel).

View a complete listing of the services offered by the CDC.


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