Beyond the Classroom

Career Immersions

Career Immersions are “career field-trips,” which connect students with employers in the employer’s real-world work setting! Students receive a “behind the scenes” look at organizations and the variety of careers that exist within them!

Learn More about Immersions

For more information and/or to schedule a Career Immersion, contact us at (217) 206-6508 or via email.


As part of the “Beyond the Classroom” Program, an externship provides students with a short-term, internship-like experience which allows employers the opportunity to scout out UIS talent. Conduct Mock Interviews

Job Shadowing

As part of the “Beyond the Classroom” Program, job shadowing is a great way for students to explore their career options. Typically, a job shadowing experience lasts one full day (8:30-5:00) but can range depending on the flexibility of the host employer and the student/alumni.

Informational Interviews by Students

Informational interviews allow students to interview you, the employer! Students may ask questions about what steps you took to get into the career you are in, industry trends, ways to get their “foot in the door”, and other questions that will give them a realistic perception of interested careers