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Resume Requirements for UIS CareerConnect

Resume Minimum Requirements – All Resumes Submitted to UIS CareerConnect are checked for these items.

  1. Resumes should not be longer than 2 pages. (If you use two pages, your name must be placed on the top of the second page).
  2. References should not be included on your resume. Place them on a separate page using same contact header as resume for continuity.
  3. Use proper grammar and correct spelling.
  4. Avoid using personal pronouns (I, me, my, she/her, he/his, we/our, they/their).
  5. Do not include personal information such as race, gender, weight, religion, marital status, social security number or UIN.
  6. Include UIS degree in progress or received under education section. (Bachelor of…, Master of…)
  7. Do not use smaller than a 10 point font size.
  8. Review uploaded document to see if any errors occurred in conversion process. (If you cannot solve problem, contact the Career Development Center for technical assistance).
  9. List job duties/skills beginning with strong action verbiage and use concise phrases. Avoid using sentences as they are not appropriate for resumes. (Example: – Communicated with a wide variety of clients in person and by phone.)