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What Can You Do with a UIS Graduate Degree In…

Graduate Degrees at UIS

Choose from the Graduate Degrees list below to view related career titles, skills, employers, career planning and professional affiliations for all UIS majors

Accountancy (M.A.) Human Development Counseling (M.A.)
Biology (M.S.) Human Services (M.A.)
Business Administration (M.B.A.) Legal Studies (M.A.)
Communication (M.A.) Liberal & Integrative Studies (M.A.)
Computer Science (M.S.) Management Information Systems (M.S.)
Educational Leadership (M.A.) Political Science (M.A.)
English (M.A.) Public Affairs Reporting (M.A.)
Environmental Science (M.S.) Public Administration (M.P.A. & D.P.A.)
Environmental Studies (M.A.) Public Health (M.P.H.)
History (M.A.) Teacher Leadership (M.A.)


Tools for Choosing a Graduate Degree

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  • FOCUS houses over 100 career snapshots videos

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