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Learning More About Grad School

At this stage in the GOALS Program, you have decided that graduate or professional school is an option that you are going to pursue! Congratulations!

Before continuing with the program, use the timelines below to figure out where you are in the process and to make sure you have not missed an important step in pursuing a graduate degree. Once you have initially reviewed the timeline(s), refer back to them frequently to ensure you have the most positive graduate school experience!

These timelines serves as general guidelines for ways to prepare for graduate and/or professional school during your undergraduate career. Depending on each person’s unique academic and career goals, the order and information of the steps given may vary. For a more comprehensive plan of preparing for graduate and/or professional school, consult a career counselor at the UIS Career Development Center.

You may also find this Graduate School Dictionary (pdf) to be helpful.

Grad School Timelines:

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