Get the Facts to these Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I qualify as alumni from UIS?

  • Anyone who has graduated with a degree or certificate from UIS or SSU (Sangamon State University) qualifies as UIS alumni.

Why is there an alumni fee?

  • Students that are currently enrolled and registered to take classes have to pay a fee to use our services each semester.
  • If you are an alumna/alumnus and therefore no longer a current student (not registered for taking any classes at UIS), then you must pay a fee to use our services just as you did as a registered student, except now you pay it separate from tuition and all your other university expenses.
  • However, if you have recently graduated from UIS, there are reduced fees for 1 year directly following your graduation, and you get to use our services free of charge the first semester directly after you graduate. For more information on the different types of packages, visit here.
  • Reduced service fees for the first year following graduation based on semester:
    • 1st Semester: Services provided free (excludes “add on” and assessment cost)
    • 2nd Semester: Package #3 is free of charge; other packages at “New” alumni fee
    • 3rd Semester: All packages provided at the “New” alumni fee

What is the difference between “New” and “Old” Alumni for the Packages?

  • You are considered a “New Alumni” if you graduated from UIS less than 3 semesters ago.
  • You are considered an “Old Alumni” if you graduated from UIS any more than 3 semesters ago.

You can review all of our fees and package options under the Alumni Services and Packages.

For example:

  • Sally graduated from UIS in the Spring semester, May 2014 to be exact.
  • She then gets to use our services for free for the entire Summer semester of 2014.
  • For Fall of 2014, she gets package #3 free of charge and other packages at the “New Alumni” cost.
  • For Spring of 2015, she gets all of the packages at the “New Alumni” cost. Hereafter, she will have to pay the “Old Alumni” fee for any packages she desires since she will have graduated more than 3 semesters ago.

I graduated from UIS and I need help with my resume. What should I do?

  • Working with a Career Counselor either in a 30 minute Fast Pass appointment or a 60 minute Career Counseling appointment would be beneficial for you. Package #1 and package #2 would be excellent choices in achieving this.
  • You can also work on your resume, cover letter, interviewing and more with our self-service online program – OptimalResume which would be package #5.

How do I access your job postings?

  • You can access the job postings that are strictly posted through the UIS Career Development Center and only available for UIS students and alumni by purchasing Package options #1, 2, or 3 and then logging into CareerConnect.
  • If you have additional questions concerning CareerConnect, please review our CareerConnect webpage or call in at (217) 206-6508.

I am in the middle of changing careers, and I need help with my job search plan. Which package option would be best for me?

  • Package option #1 because this is the most inclusive package where you can meet with a licensed Career Counselor face to face or at a distance for a total of 6 one-hour Career Counseling sessions plus access to all of our other services.

How do I pay for an Alumni Package?

  • Online Payment using Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards: <Pay Now>
  • Pay by phone or in-person with Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards
  • Cash is only accepted when provided in-person
  • Personal Checks accepted via mail or in-person
    • Make check payable to UIS and include drivers license number or UIN
    • If mailing check, send to:
      UIS Career Development Center
      One University Plaza, MS SAB 50
      Springfield, IL 62703-5407

For Test Prep Services, Career Assessments, or if you are a Prospective Student interested in any of these services, then please click here for more information and scroll to the appropriate section.

If you are a community member and therefore not UIS Alumni, then visit here for more information.

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