FOCUS Career Assessments

Many faculty have invited us into their classes to partner using the FOCUS career assessments tool. This is one of the best ways (free of charge) students can begin to complete the first stage of Gain Self-Awareness within the GOALS program. The FOCUS resource helps students learning more about:

Career Readiness

  • Career and Educational Goals
  • Academic Strengths
  • Work Experiences and Accomplishments
  • Career Planning Status
  • Personal Development Needs


  • Work Interest Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Skills Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • Leisure Interests Assessment

Research Any Career – Explore the Possibilities

  • Search by Occupation
  • Search by Industry
  • What Can You Do with a Major In…
  • Explore Occupations Associated with Any Major Area of Study
  • Compare Two Occupations Side-by-Side

How Do I Login to FOCUS?

  • Access the link after logging into CareerConnect; once in CareerConnect, find the link and access code for FOCUS on the right side of the screen under Shortcuts. If this is your first time logging into CareerConnect, instructions are available.
  • After selecting the FOCUS link within CareerConnect, select “New User? Click Here to Get Started” to setup your new account
  • Using the access code, register using your UIS email address for your username, create your profile, and determine your password.