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Recruitment Opportunities

Below, is a list of ways you can connect with UIS students and alumni. These opportunities are provided at no cost to you.

Information Tables
Host an informational table on the UIS campus to recruit and network with students! Suggested materials to bring include brochures, applications, and other literature. It is suggested that employers request tables between 12-1 and/or 5-6 in the cafeteria.Other times and locations are available to meet your recruitment needs! To request an information table, log in to UIS CareerConnect and click “Request New Information Session” under the “Quick Links” section to fill out the request form.

Information Sessions/Open Houses

Host a company/organization presentation or a simple meet-and-greet event. This allows you the opportunity to showcase what your company/organization has to offer! It also gives students and the campus community the chance to inquire in person about your company/organization and career opportunities. This is also a great way to inform students about any upcoming on-campus interviews that you may be conducting. To request an information session or open house, log in to UIS CareerConnect and click “Request New Information Session” under the “Quick Links” section to fill out the request form.

View Student Resumes

UIS students and alumni have the option of allowing employers to review their resumes in UIS CareerConnect. To review resumes, click the “Resume Books” tab once logged in to UIS CareerConnect. If you would like to compile specific resumes into a publication (.pdf document) click on one of the resume books you are interested in, check the boxes next to the names of the students you are interested in, and then click the”Generate Book” button. Your pending publication will show up under the “Pending Resume Book Publication” tab. Once the publication has been compiled, it will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you log into UIS CareerConnect with!


We welcome the opportunity to host interviews on-campus! This isa convenient interviewing method for UIS students and is a way for employers to interview many candidates in one day!

On-Campus Interviewing Options:

  • Method 1 (preferred method): If you are interested in on-campus interviewing using this method, you must submit a request, via UIS CareerConnect, at least 25 business days prior to the desired interview date. The suggested time to request on-campus interviews is 60 days in order to allow students enough time to prepare and to provide the position maximum campus exposure. Once the “New Schedule Request” is completed, located under the “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” tab or under the “quick links” section, the Employer Relations Coordinator will work with you to organize the interviews. Through this method in UIS CareerConnect, employers will be able to attach the available position(s) to the interview, view student resumes, manage the interview schedule, coordinate “preselect” and “alternate” candidates to interview, and much more! The Employer Relations Coordinator is available to assist you with this and other modules of UIS CareerConnect.
  • Method 2: If you prefer to schedule your own interviews and use UIS space to hold your interviews, you must provide the Career Development Center with the names of the students who are interviewing prior to the interview date. Please contact the Employer Relations Coordinator, who will work with you to schedule the interviews. NOTE: With this method, student performance is not a reflection of the Career Development Center.

Annual Springfield Collegiate Career Fair

This collaborative effort brings together students from local area colleges with approximately 150 fellow employers in attendance for career networking opportunities. This event, held in the spring semester, brings more than 500 potential student and alumni candidates. Invitations are sent to employers for this event via UIS CareerConnect.

Part-time Job Fair (Foot in the Door Fair)

The purpose of this event is to offer students available part-time opportunities within the Springfield area. The first part-time job fair was held in the Fall of 2007, and it has been held annually since then. Visit our Foot in the Door Fair Page for information on the latest fair.

Employer Literature Library

A variety of resources are available to students to learn about various career experiences. You can contribute to our employer literature library by donating a handout or book related to your company or field. We also maintain employer files where we keep company brochures and business cards available to students.

Past Networking Events:

Career Pursuit Reality Show was an opportunity for employers to dedicate their time to assist students in learning the art of networking. This event is a fun and unique way to engage both student and employers while building mentoring relationships.

Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour- Employers were invited to host an exhibit table where students learn about various entrepreneurship resources available to them.