About GOALS Program


 The GOALS Career Planning Program was designed to promote career      development as a lifelong process and to support students and alumni in  overcoming career barriers through informed decision making.


Taking a Unique Approach

The web-based program encompasses a unique approach to career planning, using multiple learning styles. Resources are available for each learning style: Hands On (Kinesthetic), Auditory and Visual. Each style is designated with the following icons throughout the GOALS program:


Hands On Learners


Want to know your learning style? Take a learning style assessment.

Getting started with GOALS

  • Take a self-directed approach or work with a Career Counselor
  • Can be utilized by all individuals, regardless of their present career development stage
  • Each of the 5 GOALS Stages are color coded to keep you on track as you navigate the Program
  • Tools and Resources provided at the bottom of each webpage are identified based on the Type Learner

How do I begin the GOALS Program?

  • Individuals beginning the typical career planning process should follow the GOALS program in the given order
  • Check out each Stage description below to identify the Stage that meets your unique situation and needs
  • You may find the need to skip stages, enter stages at different levels, return to various stages, and/or start the process over
  • Typical entrance areas into the program may be as follows:
    • College Students Beginning the Career Development Process
    • Complete the given GOALS sequence
    • Considering Graduate School
    • Getting Ready to Graduate
    • Experienced professional thinking about a career transition

Understanding the Stages in GOALS

What will “G” do for me?

  • Learn who you are based on your interests, personality, values and skills as they relate to your career
  • Find out about Career Barriers and how they can affect decision making
  • Discover interests, personality types, values, skills and employment preferences, as they relate to careers
  • Serves as the first step and foundation in the career decision-making process

What will “O” do for me?

  • Focus is on becoming informed about all the different career options based on you and your interest
  • Encompasses researching information relating to academic majors, occupations, labor market data and companies
  • Assists you with understanding all of the different career fields and/or educational opportunities available to you
  • Provides tools and resources to expand or condense your career related options

What will “A” do for me?

  • Make informed decisions based on information gathered through informational interviewing, job shadowing, and internships
  • networking, career fairs, mentoring, volunteering, service-learning, and internships
  • Provides first hand real world experiences to expand your knowledge about potential career paths
  • Helps you make connection between the work place, skills and your academic studies
  • Build a network by obtaining direct feedback from individuals who are working in careers you are preparing for

What will “L” do for me?

  • Create a successful career campaign by effectively using job search strategies, networking, resumes, cover letters, portfolios, business correspondence, interviewing, evaluating job offers, negotiating salaries, and understanding benefits.
  • At this stage, you have made informed decisions about your career plan and you are now ready to strategically implement your job search plan.
  • This module of the GOALS program will help you initiate the job search stage of your career launch

What will “S” do for me?
Consider alternative options to advance in your career such as going to graduate school, making a career transition, career advancement, mentoring, managing workplace stresses, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

At some point in your career you may need to re-evaluate and reflect upon the current status of your career choice, career path or other external factors. This section of GOALS will allow you to decide whether you and your career are ready for a change, based on economic, family, social, and other considerations.

Tips for GOALS Success

For assistance identifying the GOALS stages that correspond to your current career status, contact the Career Development Center to make an appointment with a career counselor.
To find specific career topics, use the A-Z Index.
TOP 10—Where in GOALS should I go if I need help…

…figuring out my personality and personal qualities
…deciding my major
…identifying what I can do with my major
…learning about different career fields and occupation options
…preparing for and learning about career fairs
…meeting people in my field
…preparing for my job search
…developing a resume, cover letter, and career portfolio
…enhancing my interviewing skills
…preparing for graduate or professional school
…deciding whether I should go back to school or even make a career change

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