Lincoln Residence Hall

Lincoln Residence Hall

You can take a virtual tour of the residence hall and find more information about housing at the Residence Life page.

It promotes a living-learning community, and is home to the LRH Great Room (events, etc).

Peer Mentors

The CAP Peer Mentoring program is a year-long program, in which each CAP freshman student is matched with a CAP peer mentor during their first year at UIS. The program’s objectives are to promote successful college adjustment among CAP freshmen students through the provision of peer mentoring and student-focused programming. The mentor is there to answer any questions and there are several events throughout the semester that the program hosts for new students, like “Clash of the Presentations!”


Not only are students paired with a mentor upon entering the program, but they also have the opportunity to become a peer mentor themselves later on.

CAP371 is the CAP Peer Mentoring course. The  program provides peer mentors with educational training and supervision on mentoring their freshmen mentees. Peer mentors will learn the theoretical bases and practical skills for mentoring freshmen students. Peer mentors will also develop their skills through experiential assignments, such as individual mentoring relationships and mentor programming. Since the responsibilities of peer mentors are diverse, it is expected that peer mentors excel in the classroom, are responsible and mature, can serve as leaders and role models, and connect well with peers. The course is specifically for Capital Scholars Honors students, and meets the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience requirement.