Recruitment/ Advising

Meet our Recruiters/Advisers

Karen Barker

Karen is the Senior Coordinator of Recruitment and Operations for the Capital Scholars Honors Program.

LRH 100
Phone: (217) 206-7251


Cortney Trencevski

Cortney is the Honors Admissions Counselor & Academic Advisor for the Capital Scholars Honors Program

LRH 115 
Phone: (217) 206-8594



Scholarships are available to all students entering the program:



Admission Requirements

Admission is open to high school graduates who have demonstrated high academic achievement and a potential for creativity and leadership.

Students admitted to the program are expected to have excellent written and oral communication skills and to want a challenging intellectual experience during their college years.

To be considered for admission, students must have completed 15 units (one unit = one year’s study) of high school work from among the following categories:

  • Four units of English emphasizing written and oral communications and literature;
  • Three units of social studies emphasizing history and government;
  • Three units of mathematics that include introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, or fundamentals of computer programming (four units recommended);
  • Three units of laboratory science (four units recommended); and
  • Two units of a foreign language (four units recommended).

Students with these qualifications are selected based on an overall evaluation of the following:

  • Grade-point average,
  • Class rank,
  • CAP writing sample,
  • Creative and leadership potential.

A personal or telephone interview with a member of the admissions committee (made up of Capital Scholars Honors faculty and administrators) may also be part of the selection process.
For more information about admissions, check out the UIS Admissions website, or contact Karen Barker, Honors Program Recruitment Coordinator, (217)-206-7251.