Prospective Students

Interested in learning more about the Capital Scholars Honors Program at UIS? E-mail us at requesting a virtual Zoom meeting. Please include your full name, contact number or e-mail and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Want to schedule an on-campus visit? We can work to arrange that too. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Join the Honors Program?

“The mission of the UIS Capital Scholars Honors Program is to provide a challenging, interdisciplinary, educational experience in which well-qualified, motivated students gain understanding and leadership skills to engage the world.”

There are plenty of reasons to join, but here are just a few benefits that the UIS Capital Honors Program has to offer:

  • Scholarships available for all students admitted to the program (Scholarship Chart 2021-2022)
  • A brand new Laptop Computer
  • Study abroad opportunities (see stories from CAP students)
  • A focus on building leadership skills transferable to one’s career
  • A challenging, interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum that
    stresses critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and research skills
  • Access to research and internship opportunities
  • Opportunities for personal, academic, social, and civic growth
  • Unlimited opportunities to participate in student governance, organizations, clubs
  • Residential Requirement:  the focus of our living-learning community. Students will live in Lincoln Residence Hall their first year, and second year students will live in Founders Residence Hall
  • A dedicated staff

Visit the campus and experience the CAP program for yourself! We have a number of programs for prospective students.

CAP Honors Program Fee

Students in the Capital Scholars Honors Program are assessed a $350 fee each semester. The CAP Honors Program Fee helps fund the various resources that are available to students within the CAP Honors Program. This includes helping to offset the cost of the new laptop every student receives upon entering the Program. This includes full maintenance and a full four-year warranty during the student’s time here at UIS.  Additionally, the program fee helps to cover costs incurred during other cultural and social events that are planned for the students. Some of these events include the Faculty in Residence trips to off-campus sites, stipends to those peer-tutors who are trained within the Program and help their fellow students, and the many events throughout the year sponsored by our peer-mentoring program.


CAP Graduation Requirement

***Graduates must meet or exceed a UIS CGPA of 3.0 at the time of graduation to graduate with the CAP Honors designation.  This policy will begin with the entering class of fall 2017.***


What are CAP Students Doing After Graduation?


CAP Honors Program Brochure