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CAP Course Proposal Process

This Word document explains the Capital Scholars Honors Program (CSHP) course proposal process. It includes instructions for submitting a proposal, a checklist with the CSHP goals and learning outcomes, the rubric that the CSHP curriculum committee uses to evaluate course proposals, and a syllabus template. Questions and completed proposals can be sent to the director of the CSHP at mklin2@uis.edu.

CAP Course Proposal Process


Faculty members submitting course proposals are asked to copy (verbatim) the learning outcomes for their particular CAP course from this document and paste them into the course syllabus. These learning outcomes have been developed by and for program faculty. Each learning outcome should be addressed to at least some extent by the course materials in the course delivery process. However, the CSHP does not expect or require that each learning outcome be addressed evenly. Program faculty may emphasize certain outcomes more than others.

There are a few overlapping reasons why the CSHP asks for uniformity and consistency in the use of these learning outcomes. First, the CSHP needs consistency in the use of course-specific learning outcomes for purposes of program assessment. Second, because there are multiple sections of each course, and the actual course content may vary widely between sections, having a uniform set of learning outcomes helps to assure that all instructors are committed to a common purpose and helps to ensure curricular coherence among CAP courses. Third, program faculty believe that use of the common set of course learning outcomes will help faculty who may be new to the program with the development of course syllabi.

Please note that faculty are welcome to supplement the course-specific learning outcomes supplied by CSHP with additional learning outcomes as they see fit.

CAP Course Learning Outcomes


See this document for an overview of the Capital Scholars Honors Curriculum and brief course descriptions.

CAP Course Descriptions