Honors Global Awareness Requirement

StudentsThe Honors Global Awareness Requirement is a 14- 16 credit hour requirement met by completing CAP25x/35x (ECCE: Global Issues) and other courses chosen in consultation with your CAP Honors advisor and approved by the Director. Modern Language (Elementary I & II; Intermediate I & II) and American Sign Language courses or study abroad will fulfill the requirement and spirit of Global Awareness. The Honors Program highly recommends students take language courses to fulfill this requirement.


Students who are already proficient in a second language when they enter the program will receive four hours of credit after passing a proficiency examination and will have met the Global Awareness Requirement when they complete one semester of CAP 25x/35x.

Languages offered include Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Spanish, and ASL (via the Teacher Education Program).

Visit the Modern Languages website for current spoken language offerings and the Teacher Education website for offerings in ASL.