Capital Scholars Honors Program Curriculum

Introduction to College/ Honors- CAP 102
Introduction to Honors is a two credit course designed to prepare students in the Capital Scholars Honors Program at UIS for University life and Honors level interdisciplinary coursework.  It is both knowledge and skill based.  Students will learn strategies for academic and personal development through exercises designed to engage them in the responsibilities of being a new Honors student.

Humanities/Social Sciences Sequence — We have a set of four interdisciplinary courses (called question courses) that you will take each semester over your first two years; each of these courses count as humanities and social science credit.

  • CAP 122: Who am I? (team taught by 2 or 3 professors from the humanities and social science disciplines)
  • CAP 123: How do you Know? (team taught by 2 or 3 professors from the humanities and social science disciplines)
  • CAP 225: What is Good? (team taught by 2 or 3 professors from the humanities and social science disciplines)
  • CAP 226: What is Power? (team taught by 2 or 3 professors from the humanities and social science disciplines)

Science Sequence — Our non-science majors take our CAP Honors Science courses (Science majors take the entry level Biology and Chemistry courses). These courses cover two semesters and are team taught by both Biology and Chemistry faculty.  They are:

  • CAP 141:  Biology and Chemistry of the Environment I
  • CAP 142:  Biology and Chemistry of the Environment II

Composition Sequence — We also have two semesters of English Composition.  These courses focus on interdisciplinary writing and are taken your first two semesters.  They are:

  • CAP 111: Honors Composition
  • CAP 115: Interdisciplinary Writing – This writing course is “linked” with CAP 123 (see above).  This means that the writing assignments are the same for both courses.

Global Issues – This course is a theme based course and the themes and instructors will vary each semester.  This course can be taken any time after the first semester and can be taken multiple times.  This course is a CAP requirement, Honors Global Awareness Requirement but also meets the university requirement for ECCE: Global Awareness (see table below).

  • CAP 25x/ 35x: Global Issues

Honors Global Awareness Requirement – this is a 14- 16 credit hour requirement met by completing CAP25x/35x (ECCE: Global Issues) and other courses chosen in consultation with your CAP Honors advisor and approved by the Director. Modern Language (Elementary I & II; Intermediate I & II) and American Sign Language courses or study abroad will fulfill the requirement and spirit of Global Awareness. The Honors Program highly recommends students take language courses to fulfill this requirement. .

Other General Education Coursework –The courses that have “CAP” in front of the course number are only offered to our honors students.   All other courses you will take will be general education courses and open to students from across campus.  They are:

  • Visual/Creative/Performing Arts
  • Two Math Courses (this will depend on your major)
  • Oral Communications
  • Social Science Course (depending on your major)

Major Prerequisites -Your major may also have prerequisites that you must complete before your junior year (these will be designated on the advising guide for your major).

Engaged Citizenship and Common Experience  (ECCE) — Also in order to graduate from the university you must complete 10 hours of Engaged Citizenship and Common Experience, commonly called ECCE. Students complete ECCE requirements in at least 2 of the 3 ECCE categories-U.S. Communities, Global Awareness, Engagement Experience (per CAP and major requirements)-in addition to Speakers Series.  As you can see from the table below, a number of the ECCE requirements are met through CAP coursework.


(Engaged Citizenship

Common Experience)

10 Hours

Required CAP Courses That

Count Towards ECCE

  • U.S. Communities (3 hrs)
  • Global Awareness (3 hrs)
 CAP 25x/ 35x: Global Issues
  • Engagement Experience (3 hrs)
 CAP 371: Peer Mentoring
  • Speakers Series (1 hr)