Integrated Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum

Now, even more than in the past, your college education must prepare you for a lifetime of learning, not just for that first job as a college graduate.

You will certainly change jobs, you will probably change careers, and the ‘facts’ you learn will probably become obsolete. Your general education – the college courses and independent study in the liberal arts that teach you to think clearly and creatively, to learn quickly and efficiently, and to understand yourself and your values – will be your best preparation for a productive and stimulating career in the dynamic world of the twenty-first century.

In CAP, your general education is as important a part of your college experience as your major. Each of the courses is integrated with the rest so that together they will provide you a broad understanding of the world before you.

Many courses are interdisciplinary, exposing you to the views of scholars from several disciplines. Each course is linked to and builds upon the skills and knowledge you have developed in previous courses.

Instead of having to choose between competing disciplines – history or philosophy, economics or anthropology – the integrated core will expose you to the knowledge and perspectives of each of the major disciplines; helping you to choose a major that fits your interests and to become broadly educated.


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