Shahram Heshmat


Shahram Heshmat is an emeritus (and currently Adjunct) professor of Addiction and Health Economics at the University of Illinois Springfield. He received a PhD in Managerial Economics in 1984 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), with a specialty in Health Economics. His research has focused particularly on the behavioral economics of addiction and self-control, with broader implications for behavioral change. His recent books include Eating Behavior and Obesity: Behavioral Economics Strategies for Health Professionals, NY: Springer (2011); Addiction: A Behavioral Economics Perspective, NY: Routledge/Psychology Press (2015). Overall, these two texts expose readers to errors of judgment, oddities of choice, and identify obstacles to sensible and socially desirable choices that serve their best interests. He regularly writes the Addiction blog for the Psychology Today. He is regularly invited as an expert on Addiction for an interview by Radio talk show, podcast, and magazines.