Quantum Computing for Gifted Learners

This exciting three-day summer camp is designed for high school students interested in the amazing field of quantum computing. Students will learn:

* The physics and math behind quantum mechanics.

* The basics of qubits and quantum information theory.

* Elementary quantum algorithms.

* How and why quantum computing holds the promise of radically reshaping the world!

THE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Hei-Chi Chan is the Chair of the UIS Mathematical Sciences Department and an Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Astronomy-Physics. Dr. Chan received his PhD degree in Physics from Yale University. His early work focused on mathematical physics (differential equations in Quantum Field Theory). In recent years, his main research interests are in q-series and mathematics inspired by Indian mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan. He is the author of An Invitation to q-series, published by World Scientific Publishing.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This camp is designed for high school age learners who are passionate about STEM. Some exposure to physics and/or calculus will be helpful, but not required. All participants who complete the program will receive a digital badge documenting their accomplishment! 

SCHEDULE: The three-day camp will be held June 14 – 16, from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Sessions will be virtual and conducted on Zoom.