Master Online Facilitator

The University of Illinois Springfield is a national leader in online instruction. We have applied this expertise course for trainers, instructors, facilitators, and virtual meeting leaders who have had minimal exposure to course design or virtual presentation techniques.

In the Master Online Facilitator course you will learn how to:

  • Develop effective communication skills needed in the online environment.
  • Learn fundamental instructional design, accessibility and assessment concepts needed to facilitate online in the business world.
  • Successfully coordinate online team meetings by learning to set and establish training/meeting goals.
  • Master the technology needed to facilitate training and deliver information through online/virtual methods.

Who should take the course? Trainers, instructors, facilitators, and virtual meeting leaders.

Concepts include: Fundamentals of instructional design, communication, assessment and technology. This course explores the basics of online facilitation, delivering training or information through online/virtual methods.

How long is the course? The Master Online Facilitator course is a four-week experience taught by a seasoned instructional leader. It is 100% asynchronous and online, so you can work through the weekly content on your own schedule. You will interact directly with the instructor and other professionals in a variety of fields.

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