LGBT History for Educators

In July of 2020, a state law took effect mandating that Illinois school districts teach LGBT history. This is a new area of knowledge for many educators, and we see this workshop as an opportunity to share the expertise of UIS faculty with educators who are interested in learning more about the topic in order to better educate their students under the mandate.

This workshop is not focused on lesson plan development. Rather, we will provide an overview of key historical concepts, events, people, and trends that will provide a context for educators, particularly for those unfamiliar with LGBTQ+ history. Thus, it also may be of interest to a non-educator audience.

The workshop will cover five topics: 1) an introduction to key concepts and terms and a brief overview of pre-twentieth century history, 2) the homophile (pre-Stonewall) era, 3) the Stonewall Riots and lesbian and gay liberation in the 1970s, 4) the AIDS crisis, and 5) the transgender rights movement. In addition to these topics, attendees will be provided with resources for further learning.

Who should attend: Teachers, administrators, and school board members.

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