Printing Projects

Campus Services offers a wide range of professional printing services to UIS each year that include graphic design by the Campus Services team. Thousands of flyers, posters, brochures, invitations, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, books and more are delivered.

As of April 2010, after one year of research,  the Campus Services’ printing department was converted into an all green printing facility. This was accomplished by switching to all bio based chemicals and inks which are made from only renewable resources by a company named Habitat in Coldwater, Ohio. Only recycled papers are used. Campus Services uses a recycler for all paper waste as well.

Below is an infographic that contains information concerning one of our larger print projects.


The UIS Viewbook Project

  • The 2014 UIS Viewbook Project contained 420,000 total impressions, which is number of copies created from the same set of plates.
  • There were 14 front and back pages for the viewbook, at 15,000 each, equaling 30,000 front and back pages
  • The 420,000 impressions were run at a speed of 5,000 impressions per hour
  • 112 total plates were uses in the creation of the viewbook
  • 84 total hours were spent preparing and printing the viewbook