Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the four officers of the Senate, the President of the Student Government Association, and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. “The Executive Committee shall be responsible to the Senate for the effective and proper execution of its duties and responsibilities.”

Celest Weuve, Chair
Associate Professor & Chair, Allied Health

Sudeep Sharma, Vice Chair
Assistant Professor, Management, Marketing, & Operations

Aaron Stewart, Secretary
Business/Administrative Associate, College of Education and Human Services (Civil Service Representative)

John Laubersheimer, Parliamentarian

Clinical Assistant Professor &Chair Brookens Library

Dennis Papini, Ex-Officio
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

Jarrod Knapper, President of Student Government Association

Duties of the Officers


  1. calls, develops agendas for, and presides over meetings of the Senate;
  2. may be called upon by the Senate to be its spokesperson and to represent the Senate in other forums within and outside the University as the need shall arise;
  3. is responsible for supervising the support services provided to the Senate, and makes regular reports to the Senate on the disposition of such services.


  1. presides at meetings in the temporary absence of the Chairperson;
  2. in case of any incapacity of the Chairperson, temporarily assumes the duties of the Chairperson;
  3. assists the Chairperson in the preparation of the agenda;
  4. chairs the Committee on Committees.


  1. keeps minutes of each meeting, to be transcribed by the support staff;
  2. makes the minutes available to the membership for approval at the start of each meeting;
  3. maintains a file of such minutes for perusal, when necessary, by the members.


  1. advises the chair on questions of parliamentary procedure during meetings, at the request of the presiding officer, or upon points of order raised by the members.