Campus Senate Elections for AY 2018/2019

Campus Senate Election/ Meet the Candidates

 Electronic voting for the spring 2018 election will begin on Monday, March 19, and conclude on Wednesday, March 28. Some candidates have submitted photos and brief bios, which have been linked to the candidates name. Please direct any inquiries to the  Campus Senate Office, or call 217-206-6664.


College of Business and Management

Frank Nation

College of Education and Human Services

Holly Thompson

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sherine Antoun

Rosina Neginsky

Celest Weuve

College of Public Affairs and Administration

Deborah Anthony

Magic Wade


John Laubersheimer

Candidates running for At-Large positions

Deborah Anthony (PAA)

Sherine Antoun (LAS)

Eric Hadley-Ives (EHS)

John Laubersheimer (LIB)

Xiaoqing Li (CBM)

Rosina Neginsky (LAS)

Holly Thompson (EHS)