Committee on Admissions, Recruitment, and Retention [CARR]

Last Updated: September 27, 2012 9:20

The Committee shall have responsibility for developing, monitoring, and evaluating campus educational policies and standards related to admission and readmission of students to UIS and to degree and certificate programs, articulation with secondary schools, community colleges, and other universities; and for educational programs and policies which concern the retention of students, registration, and class scheduling. It shall make recommendations on procedures and practices in the Offices of Records and Registration, Admissions, Financial Assistance, and Enrollment Management that have an effect on the attainment of the University’s educational objectives.

Items of Interest

Annual Reports to Senate:

Membership and Terms

The voting membership of the Committee shall consist of four faculty members, one from each of the degree-granting Colleges. Among these faculty there shall be representation from graduate, undergraduate, and online degree programs. Additional voting members shall consist of one undergraduate student and one graduate student from separate colleges, and one academic professional appointed by APAC whose daily work responsibilities include student instruction and other activities directly related to student teaching and learning. Ex-officio and non-voting members are Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or her/his designee.

Faculty members shall be appointed to three-year terms and may be reappointed at the discretion of the Campus Senate. So that the faculty appointments of the initial committee will be staggered, two shall have two-year terms and two shall have three-year terms.