Agenda – 2013/04/05


AY 2012/2013
FRIDAY, April 5, 2013
10:00 A.M. – Noon

I. Approval of the Agenda

II. Approval of Minutes

Minutes from meeting of March 22, 2013

III. Announcements

IV. Reports

A. Chair – K. Jamison
B. Provost – L. Pardie
C. Student Government Association – R. Bouray
D. Committee on Committees – K. Jamison
E. Graduate Council – Sharron LaFollette

V. Old Business
A. Resolution 42-20 Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence [2nd reading]Supplementary Materials:
Letter from Dean
Letter to Dean
CBI Proposal
B. Resolution 42-21 Graduate Grading Policy Clarification [2nd reading]

VI. New Business

A. Resolution 42-22 Amendments to the UIS Campus Senate Bylaws Regarding Illinois Open Meetings Act Compliance [1st reading]

Supplement: Bylaws amended – proposed changes

B. Resolution 42-23 Online Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leadership [ACTION ITEM]

Supplementary Materials:
CC Memo
Dean’s Memo

C. Resolution 42-24 Modification of Sabbatical Application Review Procedures [1st reading]

D. Resolution 42-25 Modification of Policy Regarding CSAC Membership [1st reading]

E. Resolution 42-26 Clarification of Post-Tenure Review Appeal Procedures [1st reading]

F. Resolution 42-27 Modification of Procedures for Filling Campus-Level Committee Vacancies [1st reading]

VII. Adjournment