Agenda – 2012/12/14


AY 2012/2013
FRIDAY, December 14, 2012
10:00 A.M. – Noon

I. Approval of the Agenda

II. Approval of Minutes

Minutes from meeting of November 30, 2012

III. Announcements

IV. Reports

  1. A. Chair – L. Fisher
    B. Provost – L. Pardie
    C. Student Government Association – R. Bouray
    D. Committee on Committees – K. Jamison
    E. Psychology Department Program Review – Undergraduate CouncilSupplementary Materials for Psychology Review
    UGC Memo
    Dean’s Memo
    CLAS Memo
V. Old Business

A. Resolution 42-9 Transition of the Human Developement Counseling (HDC) Curriculum to 61 Credit Hours [2nd reading]B. Resolution 42-10 Proposed revision to the Statutes, Article X, Section 2 – Academic Freedom [ST-72] [2nd reading]Supplementary materials for Resolution 42-10:
USC memo
AFTC memo
Academic Staff defined in Statutes
AAUP Report C. Resolution 42-5 Modification of Procedures for Determining Class Size [2nd reading]

VI. New Business

A. Resolution 42-11 Modification of Procedures for Voting on Campus Level Committees [1st reading]

B. Resolution 42-12 Modification of Procedures for Waiving Probationary Service [1st reading]

VII. Adjournment