Agenda – 2013/05/03


AY 2012/2013
FRIDAY, May 3, 2013
10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

I. Approval of the Agenda

II. Remarks from President Easter and Chancellor/VP Koch

III. Announcements

IV. Approval of Minutes from Meetings of April 19, 2013

V. Nominations and Elections
A. Chair and Vice Chair
B. UIS Representative to University Senates Conference

VI. Reports


A. Chair
B. Provost – L. Pardie
C. Student Government Association – R. Bouray
D. University Senates Conference – J. Villegas
E. Committee Reports

1. Campus Planning and Budget Committee – B. Bunch

2. Intercollegiate Athletics Committee – J. Gilliam
3. Committee on the Library – H. Kent
4. Committee on Sustainability – M Klingshirn and A. Predmore
5. Committee on Assessment of Student Learning – P. Byrnes


VII. Adjournment