Current Agenda


AY 2019/2020
FRIDAY, February 28, 2020
10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

I.    Approval of Agenda

II.   Approval of Minutes

     Minutes from the Meeting of February 14, 2020

III. Office of Professional and Engaged Learning – Vickie Cook

IV.  Old Business

A. Approval of Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar Second Draft AY 2022-AY 2026
Academic Calendar Draft AY 2022 – AY 2026 [1st draft]
Synopsis of Policies Second Draft
Synopsis of Policies Governing Academic Calendar at UIS  [1st draft]

B.  Resolution 49-15 Create a Minor in Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) in the Department of Public Administration [2nd reading]

Department Proposal with Dean and Curriculum Committee Endorsements 
UGC memo

C.  Resolution 49-16 Major Revisions to the Bachelor of Biology Curriculum [2nd reading]

Department Proposal with Curriculum Committee Approval
Dean’s Memo
UGC Memo

 V.  New Business

A. Resolution 49-17 Amendment to Change the Senate Bylaws for Personnel Policies Committee Charge Change [1st reading]

B. Approval of Reorganization Advisory Committee Slate

Resolution 49-12

 C. ST-77 Statutes Revisions – Informational/non-voting item

University Senates Conference Memo
Senate Recommendations

VI.   Reports

A.  Chair – A. Strahle

B. Provost – D. Papini

C. University Senates Conference

      D. Student Government Association – B. Paoletti

VII.  Announcements 

VIII. Adjournment


Remaining Spring 2020 Campus Senate dates:
     March 20, 2020
     April 3, 2020
     April 17, 2020
    May 1, 2020