Current Agenda


AY 2020/2021
Friday, April 23, 2021
10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
Via Zoom
Instructions for Senators
Instructions for Guests

I.    Approval of Agenda

II.   Approval of Minutes

        Minutes from April 9, 2021 Meeting

III.  Reports

a.   Chair – L. Fisher
b.   Provost – D. Papini
c.   University Senates Conference – M. Wade
d.   Student Government Association – A. Diaz
e.   Chancellor’s Anti-Racism Task Force – Tiffani Saunders, Marie Watson
f.   Academic Technology Committee – Cybersecurity Training, Charles Geigner, Sudeep Sharma
   Graduate Council – Program Review, Educational Leadership [EDL]

EDL Program Review
Dean’s Memo
Curriculum Committee Memo
Graduate Council Memo

h.   Graduate Council – Program Review, Human Development Counseling [HDC]

HDC Program Review
Dean’s Memo
Curriculum Committee Memo
Graduate Council Memo

i.   Committee on committees – Slate for Senate approval

Ad Hoc Evaluation of Teaching Implementation Committee
2021/2022 Committee Appointments

IV.   Old Business

a.   Resolution 50-39 Digital Access to Personnel Files and Digital Portfolio Submission [2nd reading]

b.   Resolution 50-40 Revise UIS Faculty Personnel Policy on Composition of the Department Personnel Committee [2nd reading]

c.   Resolution 50-41 Establish a Commission to Review Senate Composition [2nd reading]


VI.   Information and Advice Items

a.   Add online modality to existing Middle Grades Education Major (TEP)

TEP Department Memo
CCC Memo
Dean’s Memo
Approved minutes, UGC meeting Feb. 17, 2021

VII.   Announcements

VIII.   Adjournment


AY 2020/2021
FRIDAY, April 23, 2021
11:30 A.M.–12:00 P.M.

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting follows the regular meeting of the 2020/2021 Campus Senate. Newly elected Senators will be seated and nominations will be opened for Senate officers for the 2021/2022 academic year. Times are approximate.

  1.   Seating of New Faculty Senators
  2.   Approval of the Agenda
  3.   Open Nominations for Chair and Vice Chair
  4.   Adjournment